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Spoke to a Bloke started when our brother and mate sadly took his own life whilst going through some mental health issues. Unfortunately he felt he had no other option and much to our shock and disappointment, no one to talk to.


Before Nick passed he would organise an annual 25k men's mental health walk (we used the term lightly in the beginning) from The Spit Bridge in Manly, to The Watsons Bay Hotel. Originally it was just a chance for mates to get together, do some exercise but also check in with each other over a long walk followed by a few beverages. Our first walk was 4 guys in 2019, followed by 6 in 2020  and then a whopping 110 blokes from all around Australia in 2022.


On average blokes account for seven out of nine suicides every single day in Australia.

 “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

From the first Annual “Nick’s Walk” in 2022 we thought we could do more to support men’s mental health. Much more.


So we did. 


We started Spoke to a Bloke.

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Scott, Paul, Adrian and Matt is who we are.  We have known each other for over 30 years as brothers, mates and now brother in laws and wow, have we been through some stuff together.

We have travelled the world, cried, laughed and fought. We have enjoyed our successes and lamented our failures.


We certainly don’t claim to be the experts, but we are passionate in supporting men’s mental health.  Please join us in Spoke to a Bloke and let's help as many people as we can to have a conversation that could “help a head” and even save a life. 

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